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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl.

Hey there...
I'm going to  share on what i had done during English Study.Our lecturer had asked us to act any scene in the short story of Lamb to the Slaughter.
My group had took a scene which Mary try to persuade policemen to eat supper.

The message that we are trying to bring across in our short performance is how tricky Mary Maloney was.She persuaded Jack and his friends to  eat up the lamb that she used to kill her husband.The policemen agreed to eat up the lamb because they were hungry.In the other room,Mary Maloney is listening to their conversations.
Mary Maloney makes the police officers eat the evidence in the end without them realise and she can gets away with murdering her husband.

The value that I can learn  from putting up this on short sketch is we need to be more cautious about everything we do.For  example,the cops need to investigate more about the murderer instead of accepting the invitation from Mary Maloney to eat the lamb which is the weapon to kill the victim.
Besides,we should never judge the book by its cover.Even Mary Maloney seems like innocent  when the cops come to investigate,in fact,she is the one who kills her husband.

Apart from that,i want to add some of the irony in this story.The  irony is when the cops cant find any clues because they think an intruder committed the murder and then while eating the lamb one of them says something like i bet its right under our noses (not the exact words but something like that) and it was ironic because it was literally right under their noses because they were eating it.
The dramatic irony in this story is when Mary Maloney starts crying when her husband is dead even she killed him and she was upset because she lost him for good.


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