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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sayang kawan2


i would like to called  this week as "Minggu Bz Sedunia"
bcoz 4 of us, (nie ya ros merah) have to attend various kind of meetings.. meeting tu..meeting ni..
aaaaa.. mcm YB la plak kn..

a hour ago,
ada meeting lagi.. pasal kelab bi yg kami perlu handle mlm nie,,
disebabkn sya tmasuk dalam group yang sangat bertuah, (konon)
so, my group have to handle the first activity yg perlu dijalankn next week..
that's why i have to wait for a long time to discuss about our activity..

the funny thing is..
merah n mira have to wait for me..(kena tahan) lalalalaaa,..
byk kali jgk dorg  mntk nk blk dlu.

but i was like...

yeah..cyezly... i begged them..(wat mka kesian)

so,they hve to wait for me..about 30 minutes or maybe more than that..   :D

well..that's what friends for,right..?
a friend in need is a friend indeed..  <3
a real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walk out..  :)

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