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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A message from

well2. lets see what I just read tday
"take it from me, he will soon have taken over your life.
now you cant hug your friends but soon you wont be able to see your friends,
theen you wont be able to ring your friends,
then you wont be able to wear that skirt or top, even when you havent bought it,
then you cant have your make-up that way,
then he will check your phone if it rings to makesure its someone you can talk to - but you cant ever touch his phone.
then one day both of you will go to the supermarket and you bump into one of your old friends, so you smile and say "hi" and when you get out of sight he asks you "who is that?" and when you get home he shouts at you and says you were flirting with that friend (even though you were just being polite) and your not allowed to talk to him again.
then he checks your phone, says its old and buys you a new one and changes your number, but he gives you no credit so you cant tell your friends your new number...
now your all alone with him, he has pushed all your friends away from you and you dont know what to do.
you have no money unless he gives it you.
you cant go anywhere unless he says you can, and when you do he rings you every 5minutes to check up on you and sometimes even turns up...
and the little arguements over stupid little things get worse...
now you are a prisoner...
not so free spirited now, definately not in love anymore...
but he still see's his friends all the time.
so 1 day you mention it to him and say you miss your friends and he says "why do you miss them? you have me, you dont need them, they dont miss you"
so you get into an arguement and your scared he will hit you...
then he grabs your keys, locks you in and goes out to his friends and gets drunk... while you cry alone just wishing you could escape.
when he comes back and the arguement starts again this time he hits you, but says you made him so angry that you made him do it!
then each time you argue, your scared he will hit you... sometimes he does, sometimes he doesnt, he asks you if your scared of him, and you wimper "yes" and he just laughs...
seems a bit far fetched doesnt it?
well that has happened to me in less than 14 months...
i managed to do a runner when he let me go to town for some shopping.
i sold the phone on the market and caught a train with the money.

dont stay with this guy it will only get worse..."

p/s :HOWEVER, if you really want to be with this guy, I think you need to express how you feel to him. Tell him that you find him controlling, that you really don't appreciate it, etc. If he's willing to listen and change, then you've made progress and the relationship may be worth it.

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