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Pembaca Setia ^^

Thursday, 28 July 2011

dat day was so awesome!!! (^_^)v

my mood was no dat good  in dat morning..i cant sleep  tight..n lost my appetite.i don kno wat im thinking the  best buddy called me..n asked me to go out for lunch.. aaaa...rezeki jgn ditolak..then i came along wif them..
my mood get down n down because until 5 pm we didnt take our lunch yet.
my mind keep saying  'weeeeiiii,im starving here'!!!
n i kept silent during d trip .(lapaaaa gilak   =.=')
and buddy took me to my favourite place Marina bay!
OMD!!!i  really love dat place..such a beautiful!!u kno wat..they sing a long d bday song for sweet..feels wanna cry.. (.^_^.) thanks fwen.. <3 u..

thanks to my bestfren coz she planned ol of dis..i love her so much..dis is d first time im celebrating my bday agak 'gempak'..suke3.. ^^

hmmm..xde spe yg nk mkn kek nie kot..mek mkn sowg2,k.. (^_^)

habis mka kne conteng...i love my best fwen...c azie nie..die mnje cket la kdg2 rs nk lempang r gk. (guraw je,k.)sabar itu indah.. ^^
subhanallah...indahnya ciptaan Allah..ari tu 1st tme tgk ..rsa btapa kerdilny diri ini..bnyk sgt da wat dosa..ya Allah..astrfrllhlzm..  (.^_^.)

1 comment:

Amyrah Ramli said...

lain kali ajak jiran bilik makan kek lg eh... thanks~ ^____^