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Pembaca Setia ^^

Sunday, 31 July 2011

outing2 dgn membe2 ^^

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..  senyum ahad.. ^^
ystrday i went out wif a few of my friends.
Having so much fun wif them gives me some relief when i got
news that one of my friends have trnsfered to the other sad.. :'(
however,that sadness had been cured because i had a lot of fun wif my membe!
Hei,u know what,yesterday was my first time playing bowling.^^
Im still can rememberred how i hold that bowling ball, heavy!!
but one of friend,she managed to strike,and she's just like me,1st tme playing bowling..
aaaaaa...still jealous with laa..1st tme maen bowling dia da dpt strike,kn..
bkn skali taw,2 kali.. =.='   x la jelez sgt..sbb lps tue dia suka maen kat kwsn pparitan tue.. hehee..juz kidding.. ^^
happy sgt2..i will miss dat moment.. kwn2 sume best..suke2.. :p

wif my neighbours..jiran blk gler an dorg..dorg nie manis2 n baek2 laa..sorg ajk g sbh,sorg ajk g phg..baek kn dorg.. ^^

member2 yg sporting!!!!!   ^^


Amyrah Ramli said...

next time outing lg...jom~
buh ngegeh!!! hehe ^_____^

mairasafa said...

heheheee..sape yg ngegeh..insyllh,adk bgsu.. :P