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Saturday, 17 December 2011

[MTV] Hafiz & Adira - Ombak Rindu (OST Ombak Rindu)

salam..hmmm..ombak rindu..
this song remind me of someone that always by my side
and always cme at the right time. i'll called him as EJ.
he thought that i was his soulmate. yes, i do love him..
but just as friend. n i dont know how should i love him back more than as friend.
yes,im crying every time i listen to this song.bcoz, iz lyric.. so pathetic.
c... LOVE  can destroys our FRIENDSHIP.
i lve being EJ's friend. he's kind-hearted. matured. n i should admit this also, good-looking, understanding.
one thing that i like the most is outspoken.
when he dun like what i did, he will tell me..
but now,he seems to dissapear..he said that,maybe in that such way he can get rid of himself from keep thinking of me. but NOT stop loving me.
sorry, trying.. but iz jz i need time..let time decide  everything..

ok..enough with my story..  this song is for my visitor..
every people have their own love song..  :)

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