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Friday, 23 December 2011

Saya Suka Matematik!!!

salamm.u knw wat..i eally love maths..
aaaaaa..SO MUCH!!
hell no.. wait a minute
wanna knw how im supposed to answer my math questions?
i'll gve u some examples:
datz my look n d others hu eally love maths look like.hahhaa.we 'LOVE" maths!!
i love diz student.hahahaaa. A+ for her/him
seriously i'd done diz before!!
diz iz when we eally need to answer dat typical question jz wan 2 grab a mark.  i repeat a MARK
wat else i can say?? LOL!!!

i wish dat i can answer lke dat. gosh!!

hahahaaa.. now u knw why i LOVE maths so much.. they always have somthing to mke fun wif. seriously.!!


"Hamba allah swt yg lemah" said...

nice blog masih baru ke ??

mairasafa said...

ha'a..msh baru..rsa ny xsmpi sthn lg.. mntk tjr ajr ye...

>>bersama mencari redha Allah<<