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Friday, 19 October 2012

Farewell Dinner for madam Lee T_T

Assalamualaikum.... before study, i want to update a litte bit bout d event dat i hve attended last 2 days. 2 ari ke 3 ari yg lepas. xpasti pulok. opss!!
dis event is for our great lecturer who will retire soon.. :'(
awww.. i almost cry right now. tipu kuat

it was held at SCR.. safa chicken rice. eh?hahaa.. no laaa!!!!. im sure dat ol of u knw what SCR is...
well, dat event start at 5pm...
it was a lot of fun since we were not jus eating there tambah lemak banyak2
but some of my classmates were performing something bcoz Madam Lee asked to do...
aaaa.. i hate to type when i run out of idea.hee..
btw, pliz check my grammar..hahahaaa.

bak kata orang, Pictures tell everything..hehe..
eh, i forgot to mention dat, dis event was conducted by two classes; TESL 1 AND TESL2...

me? op coz from tesl 1.. korang xtnya ek? xp laaa. my blog.haha. gelak jahat. sorry. *ayu balik*

enjoy my pics then!!!
present from tesl1.. :)
got pictures inside d card!!
naa.. look at her face.. terharu letteww
another small cards in a big card. OHMYENGLISH!!!
Farewell cards !! :)

oh, and also scarf from us..
Cute dancers..  Tesl Gangnam Style!! :)
singers ftom tesl2
peminat2 fanatik..ahaha
sweet la pulok bg bunga2 nih.. :D

me n mira(kuning)
fuhhh.. enough for today.. 
i cant wait for  IPG annual dinner pulok.. laalalaaaa.. 

k laa.. bye2.. assalamualaikum...


Santan Manis said...

nice entry... :)

mairasafa said...

mkseh santan manis..:)