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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I am proud!!


how's ur life?
err.. wat kind of question is that? one my coursemates told us that kind of question is overwhelming question..
is it? i almost burst my stomach when i heard bout that!! LOL, alvin.. :D

Ok, tonite, i just wanna share a little bit bout my life. my thought..
 IF and Only IF anyone would like to read this entry..

btw, do i look like i care? macambudakbudakyangsengal

i miss my mom, btw.. seriously.. it's about 6 years already.. but it seems like she just passed away today..
ok..enough.. let pray for her.. Al-fatihah.. T_T

Ya Allah.. i chat with my junior jst now.. and i am really glad to see her changes..
she looks different.. with her tdg labuh and she, a little bit uplift my spirits...
thanks, dear.. u look great.. and i proud u've changed to d real muslimah.. not like me.. :(
keep repeating d sme stupid thing!! i hate myself.. !!no!! i shouldnt hate myself..
My iman, was not "stable" enough.. cepat goyaah... :(

aku juga punya cita-cita.. untuk bertadung labuh.. like u, dear..
but.. hmmm.. well, let see...
the previous day, i unpinned my scarf.. so, i just my scarf just like.. melabuhkan tudung..
then, on my friends told me, "ohh.. dh pkei tdg labuh dh nya,,"
i just smiled at him.. "hell, no!! " i yelled in my heart.. salahkah?? :'( dUGAAN.....

aaarrgghh,.. watever.. nevermind guys.. perempuan yang daif ini akan berubah untuk dirinya.. dia hidup not to please u!!! but, Allah...
she will, yes SHE WILL.. prove it .. that she can changed.. maybe for now..  or sooner.. but insyaAllah..
when the times come.. :)

insyaAllah.. nk jgk jd cmni.. :)

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