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Monday, 5 November 2012

Est's Questions

alhamdulillah. kertas est pn da lepas..
so, i wanna share a litlle bit about the questions.

Section A & B are both structure questions.
in section A it will be unseen poem (25 marks)
section B, unseen short story (25 marks)
these unseen poem n shrt story mean that we never learn about that particular thing in class..
for these questions, i feel a little bit worried because i never learn bout those tings, but insyAllah, i hope for d best for this paper..

for the unseen poem, i have to analyse the "Mid-Term Break " poem
and for the unseen short story is "Two Kinds"

well, lets proceed to section C & D. Section C and D are both essay questions.

section c, we thought that there will be  2 choices as what we have done in class..
but d format maybe had changed,right.. sme goes with section D.

for section C (25 marks) , it will ask us about Drama, which are King Lear and Florence.
d question for section C for my paper is about how irony used in the development of theme. kinda easy, but be careful, we are not going to talk about theme, but about how IRONY used in the development of theme,,

For section D (25 marks) it often asked us about the novel, Things Fall Apart.
the question for section D is about how setting used in the development of theme..

c, both questions asked about literary devices!!!
Alhamdulillah.. i managed to answer d questions even though it was quite hard.!!

my lecturer used to say that this paper is hard to score but hard to fail.. so, dont worry.. insyAllah.. all of us will pass this paper...

Ya Allah..smoga Nur Safawanie lulus dengan cemerlang dalam peperiksaan.. :D  aaaaaaaaaaammmiiiinnnnnnnn


Dunia Wilma said...

All da best Sis...
Semoga Nur lulus dengan cemerlang...

mairasafa said...

thanks, wilma.. :)