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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Its over!!!!!

Assalamualaikum.. heii there!!
wait.. hurray!!hurray for what?? for holiday!!!yeah!!

my exam, its over!!! the things dat i have waited for dis couple weeks..
as i said, i want to be a teacher.. i love too!!! but i hate to study.. study isn't my thing. chewaah!!hahaa

btw, after all, i have learnt a lesson..
but before dat, i would like to share how i spent my night the previous night..

well, last night i was supposed to study for my Social Studies. yeah, the killing paper!! its hyperbole, paper will not kill u, LOL! unfortunately, my head seems like did not work like it used to do last night. i got migrain!!
so, i decided to swallow 2 panadols. yeah. im not sure wat countable noun used for panadol. yeah. just ignore. like, who cares?ahah.
then, i thought that i will be better! but soon after that, when i started to read my notes, i suddenly feel dizzy.. and it got worse.. so, i tried to lie and read my notes..
however, pathetically, i found that i'd slept for two  hours! and when i woke up, its midnight already!! and i was just like, aaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhh!!!
but thanks to my sayang bcoz he woke me up...seems like he is d one who will be going to sit d exam bcoz he was way worrier than me..hahaa.. btw, thx, dear!! awww..
so.. i started to study at 12.30 ..yeah, midnight.. but then , tme flee, and again, i felt sleepy.. and i didnt realize dat it was almost 2 o'clock..oh my!!
so, i decide to sleep.. but!!
guess, what!i cant sleep.. yeah, at all!! i hate this feeling.. i really need to sleep at that time bcoz d next day i will sit an exam which cost 3 hours!!so, i guess,.. poor me...
at last, i Tawakal je laa.. which mean, i let everything to Allah.. coz I  believe, Allah will always by my side.. Hasbunallahu wa ni'mal wakil...

and alhamdulillah.. dat paper, was not dat killing paper ... i did just fine.. USAHA+DOA+TAWAKAL..


Karukord Jagau's said...

done follow sini.....jika sudi follow la kita kembali :)

Ain Dzaya said...

tawakal is better..moga ALLAH bagi hadiah yang terbaik :)

Ain Dzaya said...

tawakal is better..moga ALLAH bagi hadiah yang terbaik :)