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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Show some respect!


dis post is addressed to the intelligent yet genius people in d world.. n whatever u r appeared to be,


listen listen listen .. let me speak let me speak..omg, tklua plak trademark hngt tu,..

ok back to my main point,
please,show some respect la. whenever u see someone who is quite slow in understandg wat the lecturer thought during the class,
or dat person is kinda blur whenever d lecturer ask him/her bout something.. don start to stare each other or start to be so sarcastic.. ugh! u might be cleverer, but in other aspect he/she might be way clever than u r. mind that!

oh, bfore i forget.never ever ever humiliate people in public!
i knw nowadays, people are living naked. yeah! wat i mean is, they even dont have their life privacy.
everything will be posted. bla bla bla..
yeah whatever, like i care bout dat.
jz please, when it comes to any insulting matters, just keep it to urself.not by exposing it to others. bukan ka aib nama nya???

well,fellas, i can relate to this.

kita pandai ka, kurang pndai ka, or berlagak mcm diva ke,ingat, kita msh sma2 hamba Allah S.W.T
sdgkan Rasulullah S.A.W hormt org yg d bawahny, even Baginda adalh Rasullullah kita.. :')
oh, it reminds me about somthing..

ok, got it! About Maulidur Rasul.. im one of the participants that represent  IPG Kampus Sarawak Miri..
wish me luck, and pray for me. im afraid dat i cant control my sickness due to the super hot day next Thursday. IAM HONOUR to represent my own IPG and at the sme time, celebrating maulidur rasul. Junjungan kta. *selawat ke atas nabi*

i guess, it is time to call it a day.. good nite fellas. ikhlas ati, betulkan niat. maafkan org sebelum tdo.  nite2  ^^,

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