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Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Assalamualaikum... huuhuhhuhuuhuuuuh...

bahawasanya, saya, Polan bin Polan telah bangun tidur pada pukul 9 setengah pagi pada waktu KULIAH.. ooooohhh.. indahnya hidup ini jika tiap2 hari begini.. ooooohhhhhhh.. way that thing will happen so often!! wake up from ur dream laaa!! mentang2 xd EXAM!!

well.well.well... TODAY IS TUESDAY, AND IM ALONE ENJOY MY DAY!!huhuu..
actually, this week is study week <---- ayat mcm haram!!
so, as im d one of TESLIANS ( still using dat typical name to describe person in TESL even though our lecturers told us there is no such thing called TESLIANS)lallalaa.. ada aq kesah?? hahaa. no laaa.. sambung cerita.. as TESLIAN, i dont have to sit for my exam this sem.. same goes wif last sem.. BUT!! will sit for final exam which is SEM3..huuuu.. forgot to tell u.. if u are teslian, in foundation, u will not sit for ur exam for 2 sem.. so, HONEYMOON!!huhuuhu.  not honeymoon actually. coz u will be so busy.. till u skip ur bekfez..huuuhauauaa.. SERIOUSLY!! ( now i can spell seriously correctly... usually i spelled it CYEZLY)hahahaaaa.. dah laaaa.. bbelit lidah speaking!! tui tui tui tui..

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... see, laughing so much make me forgot y i updte my blog.. dah la!!
bosan.. bye bloggers!!
good luck for ur exam, fellas!!  :)
untuk anda2 semua..lalalaa.. TRUE STORY

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