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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Andaian diri..


Apabila perempuan berkata kasar, dia bukan bermaksud utk berkasar, tapi dia mahu melihat sejauh mana lelaki itu mampu bersabar dengan sikapnya. Percayalah, hati perempuan itu sangat lembut


sometimes, i wish dat i'll be more patient, more realistc, in other word,  BETTER than what i appear to be.
and first of all, i feel  sorry for those who often being my " victim", the one who used to listen to my harsh words, and sometimes, when i increase my voice.
i didnt mean to do so.

but yes, when i said no, means no. doesnt mean i dont want to listen other people advice, but  it just, ..hmmm.. i just HATE when someone keep asking me to do things that i dont want to do. :(
 i hate DIKTATOR. sometimes you maybe dont realize it, but, i just love that i'll leave in peace.  i mean, try to be tolerance la,ok.!!
soe, my bad..

nite, fellas

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