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Saturday, 1 September 2012

aku yang pelupaaa.. :(


Ya Allah..
terima kasih, sbb bg hint.

Ya Allah...
y? n y?

soe, my dear friend... coz being so forgetful person lately..
one of my weaknesses is to remember everything dat related to NUMBER!!
and yeah!! my bad...
forgot your bday..
it's been a week, and now it;s 1st september.. n ur bday was on 27th August!!!

i promise to myself, i will make a list for my friend's bday.. from now on..
yeah, if i remember to do it.. I DO MAKE MYSELF TO REMEMBER IT..

soe,syg.. ;(
promsie dat i'll buy something special for u later.. k... :)

n for now..

dis is for you.. my wish.. :)

Do you know what a Birthday means? 
It means growing older
It means taking up more responsibility
It means acting mature
It means leaving all the childish fun behind
Do you still feel like celebrating?
If you do, don't forget to invite me
Happy Birthday!

im kidding..heee.. 
semoga panjang umor, mrh jereki.. :)

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