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Monday, 5 March 2012


hari yang bremula dengan indh dgn alunan azan subuh ..dlm ati bharap smoga hari ini
indah sepenuhny..

apakan daya.. Tuhan yg mnentukan segala2ny..
mood tetiba berubah..tak nak cakap pa2 psl nie..
tapi yang penting..sykur sgt,sbb bdiam lebih baek drpd bsuara.. kaaannnn..
hmmm..jz, ad cket pesanan ikhlas dr ati sy yang ikhls nie..

To my haters:
I keep it real and that's a promise. I may be whatever you wanna call me, but I'm honest. When i walk by, you stop and stare. Well, keep looking 'cause I don't care. I have my own life and style, not trying to please you or smile. When i t comest to competition, you're out. So, shut your hating self and keep me out of your mouth.

btw, buat si dia yang jauh d perantauan..terima kasih becoz u make my day..  :)  ati yang skt t'ubt sekirany anda sentiasa ada utk dri ini... thx..  :)

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