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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Simple,compound and complex sentences


hye everyone!! today,i want to share my knowledge on the types of sentences that i have learnt.


#Simple sentence is an independent clause. It contains SUBJECT+ VERB.
#It expresses a complete thought.

example1 : Mira(subject) is(main verb) studying(verb) for(preposition)her(pronoun) mock exam(object). 

it is easy like 1 2 3..hehehee.. i already pharse that sentence, so you understand it easily..   (^_^)v

# It also can contain compound subjects or verbs.

Example 2:  Mira and Wanie are playing football in the evening.
even though it contains compound subjects, it is still a simple sentence because Mira and Wanie are doing the same thing.  :)

Example 3:  Hady goes to the library  and studies everyday.
this sentence contains two verbs and a subject. it is a simple sentence because only one subject doing the different things. :)


# Compound sentence contains two independent clauses joined by conjunction( FANBOYS = for, and, nor,but, or, yet, so)

Example 1: Mira(noun:subject) is(verb) online(noun: object) but(conjunction) Wanie(noun:subject) is(main verb) reading(verb) books(noun: object).


# Compound sentence contains an independent clause joined by one or more dependent clause.
# it always has a subordinator [because, since, after, although, when] and relative pronoun [ that, who,which]

Example 1:  When Mira and I were studying (dependent clause), we forgot that Ros did not came along with us(independent clause)

Example 2:  Wanie is studying(dependent clause) after she knew that she has a test.(independent clause)

#sentences containing adjective clauses are complex

Example 1:  The town where Hady grew up is in Pusa.

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku... permudahkanlah Nur Safawanie binti Mohd.Syahril untuk memahami dan mengingati setiap perkara yang dia pelajari saat2 last minute ini..berikanlah dia keputusan yang cemerlang dalam mock exam. Semoga beliau berjaya untuk lulus dalam 4 subject major (english studies, language development, language description dan social studies)
YA ALLAH YA TUHANKU..makbulkanlah doa hambaMu ini..

makseh doakn saya..  ^^,

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