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Monday, 5 March 2012

sabarlah duhai hati.. :')

Assalamualaikum.. tiada yang lain selain Allah.bila hati dirundung resah, kpd Allah aq bserah..
ketika hati gundah xtentu arah, aq kmbali kpd Allah..

Ya Allah...


everything happens for a reason...

mock exam..coursework..environment..he.. family..true friends..
or maybe a really "good friend"  if you knw wat i mean.. :(

i am so tired  with this drama..

should i just let it be..or fight back??

wat i need right now is my family..i wish that i have "pintu doraemon" so that i can go to my hometown anytime i want..


think wisely la, don be like "minah jenin"  good thing will always come to after you faced that bad thing.. waiting for that good thing..when???where??how???


ENOUGH!!!wat a shame,,
im 19..(coming soon)

think like a woman,not a girl anymore...
but still dat girl..dat really needs her family instead of her friends.. i mean, the true friends..jz like my old friends.. always be with me through thick or thin..


Allah gives me my true friend here.. alhamdulillah..

if she is not here..if only if..i think that i maybe cant stand suffering alone in this lousy place.. only Allah knows how i hate this place!!

but then..again..everything happens for a reason..

i met someone, at the end someone that i loved..
yes.. i love u..

but for this couple days.. or maybe for this whole week, u seems like too busy.. yesssssss..
too busy..
im tried to be professional... but as the result, i keep thinking..why?? why at this horrible time you are too busy..'s not your fault then..  nevermind..

Sbar lah duhai hati................


>>selawat n istghfr<<

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